The Station House Hotel Kilmessan |DIY Wedding|Erica&Joseph

Have a look at this DIY wedding at the Station house Hotel in Kilmessan, Co Meath. Maybe you will find some great ideas for your Big Day!
The Couple:
Erica and Joseph.
Renata Dapsyte (
Mother and mother in-law
My sister
Invitations and Calligraphy:
Homemade with lots of help from family and friends
The station house hotel in Kilmessan, Co Meath, Ireland (
My engagement ring and wedding ring made by Eily O’Connell (, Joe’s wedding ring – family heirloom
Hair Styling:
Lorraine Browne (
did own make up!
Wedding Dress:
Timeless Bridalwear (
Groom’s Apparel:
Massimo menswear Dublin (
Bridesmaid’s Apparel:
They all chose and bought their own within a specified colour range
Groomsmen’s Apparel:
They all chose and bought their own within a specified colour range, ties and bow ties were from The tie room (
Your wedding day soundtrack – which songs did you use? Feel free to add others if not prompted below.
Ceremony processionals/recessionals: Pachelbel canon in D for the processional, The Sound of Silence (piano/violin version) for the lighting of the candles, Hallelujah (piano/violin version) for signing of the register, A Thousand years (piano/violin version) for the recessional
First Dance: Dance me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen
Tell about your love story! How did you meet? What makes your mate a perfect match? How was the question popped?
We met at a 21st birthday party and were together for 8 years before Joe proposed in front of both our families at a barbeque at my parents house.
Describe your wedding planning process. How long were you engaged? Who helped plan? Did you hire a planner? What planning tools did you use? What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?
We were engaged for just over a year, both of our families and the bridal party helped with the planning and preparation, contributing to all the home made bits especially like the cake, the invitations, place settings, favours etc
Recap your big day for me. What made you laugh? What made you cry? What were the most memorable moments? What unexpected things happened that weren’t planned for?
The speeches were not too long and very entertaining, also Joe jumping ahead to the kiss during the ceremony before he was supposed to – I couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes! There were so many memorable moments that I couldn’t even begin to chose one. It was wonderful from the very begining to the very end, from getting ready and having brunch with the girls in the morning, to dancing to the fantastic band at the reception.
What about the details? What was your vision/theme? How did you bring it to life?
My vision was of a largely home-crafted, relaxed and comfortable day, without worrying too much about the little things and if everything didn’t go exactly as planned. It worked out brilliantly! The guests really seemed to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and it made life much easier for me.
What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?
Don’t let it stress you out or you won’t enjoy your day, which is the most important thing.
What do you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?
Settling down and starting a family
What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage?
Nothing, life is exactly as it was before except that I keep having to remind myself to use my married name!

The Station House Hotel Wedding | Irish-Italian ceremony | Meath Wedding Photography | Breigin&Andrea

Beautiful Irish bride Breigin and hot Italian man Andrea tied the knot on the 6th October, 2017 at the Kilmessan Church, following the reception at the Station house Hotel in Kilmessan, Co Meath.

001_Breigin&Andrea_resized for sharing and internet

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Lifestyle Newborn Session Ireland | Baby Justin

To get a call from the family, who are my clients for the past … 5 years it is always a big pleasure for me. But to get a call, saying ”We’ve got a baby” it is even bigger pleasure! And that feeling… When you come to clients home for the lifestyle newborn photo session, and first thing which you hear from 4 years old boy is ”You know, I’ve got a small baby”  – your face smiles like you’ve got baby yourself and your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.


After long chat with ”big brother” finally I am allowed to see his ”little baby”. I can’t describe the joy in Oscar’s eyes. Please meet them:


And of course please meet mummy and daddy! So from now on – a beautiful family of 4! (if we won’t count fishes in a fish tank).007_BabyJustin


In between the brakes, when baby was fed, they had a time together – daddy and his big boy:


Some of you, who follows my work noticed, that I’m moving to lifestyle newborn photography. Yes, I am. But I do not say, I don’t do posing shoots. I still do. A bit less and a bit more natural, without crazy amount of props, which in my opinion are hiding the beauty of a baby:








Roganstown hotel & country club|First Holy Communion Session

Here in Ireland the May month is called First Holy Communion and Confirmation month. Communions are held every weekend during this period. It’s one of the biggest celebrations in child’s life after Christening.

Communion season was very very busy this year and I met lots of beautiful children and their families. Some of them were my returning clients, some of them – new.

One of them – wonderful Lucia. We met at the Roganstown hotel & country club where she had her party dinner with her siblings. Roganstown Hotel & Country Club has years of experience catering for Swords communion & confirmation celebrations and have established themselves as a premier venue for family events …















Photographer Renata Dapsyte

Venue Roganstown Hotel & Country Club

Happy Christening Damian!

Christening documentary photography is one of my favorite events to photograph. Especially when you come to the house and you find out how much family members were preparing for this big day. Really love the colour of the table decor.


My heart always melts, when I see our previous sessions photographs on the walls of clients home.043_web_Damien_Christening

Look at this beautiful cake. It was made by christening boy’s mother!044_web_Damien_Christening046_web_Damien_Christening

And please meet baby Damian on his Christening Day!002_web_Damien_Christening

Who else will take care if not a big brother…003_web_Damien_Christening004_web_Damien_Christening005_web_Damien_Christening006_web_Damien_Christening007_web_Damien_Christening

Probably only the one, who could not understand what was going around.008_web_Damien_Christening


This special moment…014_web_Damien_Christening015_web_Damien_Christening016_web_Damien_Christening017_web_Damien_Christening018_web_Damien_Christening019_web_Damien_Christening020_web_Damien_Christening021_web_Damien_Christening022_web_Damien_Christening023_web_Damien_Christening


What a beautiful bunch of people!035_web_Damien_Christening036_web_Damien_Christening037_web_Damien_Christening039_web_Damien_Christening038_web_Damien_Christening040_web_Damien_Christening041_web_Damien_Christening042_web_Damien_Christening